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Latest Cabinet Designs from Experts

Experts at Superior Cabinets are keeping a close eye on trends and developments for kitchen cabinets. Here’s what’s on their radar for 2022.

Handleless cabinetry is gaining popularity for its pared-back look. Integrated wood pulls, or recessed handles, are an ideal choice for a sleek finish that works well in modern kitchens.

Sleek & Sophisticated

If you want a sleek and sophisticated design for your kitchen, consider opting for Euro-style cabinets. These cabinets feature doors that attach directly to the cabinet boxes, without a face frame, for a more streamlined appearance. They are available in many styles, from modern to traditional, and can be custom crafted for your home.

For example, these sleek cabinets from Amuneal are made from a mix of wood and metal for an industrial look. The brand has a wide range of colors and finishes, from glossy white to richly hued walnut. The cabinetry is customizable to your needs, including the depth and width of each cabinet box and drawer.

You can also customize your cabinets with a variety of knobs and pulls. These sleek brushed brass handles from Franklin Brass look especially good with wood-painted or stained cabinets. For another option, try these black cabinet handles from West Elm. The curated collection of hardware leans heavy into midcentury modern and contemporary design, with options from sleek bars to sculptural pulls. Plus, the company offers a 30-day return policy on most items, which is perfect if you’re not quite sure about your final selection.

A sleek interior design style is defined by minimalism, a modern approach to materials and furniture, and a preference for open spaces. Its color palettes typically incorporate neutral hues or metallic accents for a timeless, yet sophisticated look. In addition, sleek designs tend to favor clean lines and streamlined furniture pieces that create visual interest with geometric shapes or monochromatic color schemes.

Creating a sleek kitchen design is all about balancing style and functionality. To help you do that, experts suggest focusing first on your layout. This includes ensuring your upper and lower cabinetry can accommodate the capacity of each occupant’s dishes, pots and pans, pantry items, and cleaning supplies. Your layout should also invite, direct and restrict access to differing degrees based on your family’s needs.

A key to creating a sleek aesthetic in the kitchen is keeping the space uncluttered and simple. If you’re considering a modern kitchen, consider pairing dark painted cabinets with a natural wood floor for a monochromatic and visually-pleasing design. Then, add pops of color with rugs and other decorative accessories. You can even use bold accent walls or paint to highlight a particular design element.

Classic & Traditional

When it comes to classic kitchen cabinet designs, homeowners often think of traditional styles with ornate trim and detailed molding. They look especially striking paired with luxurious countertop materials like marble and granite. More streamlined cabinetry styles that focus on the frame and panel are also popular, such as shaker cabinets.

Another trend that’s making its way into classic kitchens is strongly veined marble. This timeless stone is regaining popularity and looks particularly impactful when used on the backsplash and counters in place of tile.

Similarly, wood is experiencing a revival as an alternative to glossy finishes and synthetic materials. Soft-grained ash and other natural shades bring subtle dimension and texture to a room, and can pair beautifully with warm-toned marble countertops.

Pantry cupboard ideas are another trend that’s gaining momentum, as well. These free-standing storage solutions add a touch of casual comfort to any kitchen and can be painted or stained for a custom look. They’re especially effective in providing a homey vibe to a farmhouse or rustic kitchen design.

In terms of paint color, white remains the most popular choice for classic and traditional kitchen cabinet colors, but it’s worth noting that other hues are making a strong comeback, including mustard yellow, blue-green, red and charcoal gray. The best kitchen cabinet color ideas depend on the overall design concept.

For example, if your clients are leaning toward a rustic, country or farmhouse style, you might suggest adding decorative details like beadboard, shiplap, tin metal and reclaimed wood to the mix. These elements are easy to incorporate into existing cabinets or create with new cabinetry.

Appliques and onlays are another way to infuse a classic kitchen with flair. These ornamental trims add a decorative pop to cabinets by featuring carved motifs like flowers, leaves and swirls. They can be used in combination with other trims, such as fluted columns or bun feet, to create a bespoke look that feels both elegant and relaxed.

Another simple way to modernize a traditional kitchen is to replace standard drawer pulls and knobs with ones that feature sleek recessed handles. This understated detail is both practical and sophisticated, and it’s one that can easily be updated as your client’s tastes change over time.

Contemporary & Modern

Contemporary design is current, yet it takes inspiration from past trends to achieve a look that is current and fresh. Unlike traditional designs that focus on classic finishes, modern styles tend to embrace bolder color and material combinations. It is also a less formal design style, with many homeowners choosing to add personal touches like china plates and silverware displayed on shelving, racks and dressers to give their kitchen more personality.

Often associated with European design, contemporary cabinetry features include slab style door fronts that create an ultra-smooth appearance from panel to panel. This design choice is a popular option in open concept homes, where the kitchen blends with living room furniture and flooring for easy flow between rooms.

Frameless cabinets are another modern cabinetry option. This type of cabinetry eliminates the face frame, leaving the interior space completely hidden. This sleek design can be achieved through custom cabinetry, but for a more cost-effective choice consider a ready-to-assemble (RTA) brand that offers a European-inspired aesthetic. Brands such as Fabuwood have a solid reputation for quality and durability and can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of custom units.

When it comes to hardware, sleek pulls and knobs are a must-have for contemporary kitchens. They can be used in place of handles to keep the overall design sleek and minimal or they can be paired with recessed pulls for a modern, symmetrical look.

Colors are also a key element in contemporary kitchens. Soft grays are popular, as well as bold blues and greens. Warm natural wood tones with intricate grain patterns also work well in this design style. For a more dramatic kitchen, consider a two-tone cabinetry design that combines both painted and wood grain finishes.

A growing trend is to install an island that serves dual purposes – both as dining and prep space. This allows the space to be more flexible and can also make the island feel less crowded.

One of the newest trends is to replace standard, flat front drawers with pleated cabinet doors. These are hung on a rod to create a whimsical touch that gives the kitchen a fun, modern vibe.

Elegant & Elegant

If you’re looking to transform your kitchen into a luxurious space that feels like a 5-star hotel, consider opting for elegant cabinet designs. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these styles can also add significant value to your home’s resale value. However, before you jump in feet first and start exploring different options, consult with a professional to ensure that your new cabinet design will meet your family’s specific needs.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when deciding on your cabinet style is that functionality should always be at the forefront of your design plans. It’s essential to make sure that all cabinetry elements, from the layout to the materials and hardware, work together. For example, streamlined designs should be paired with minimalist hardware while traditional or vintage cabinets may require more intricate or detailed knobs and pulls to create a harmonious look.

Aside from ensuring that your cabinetry is both functional and visually appealing, it’s also important to choose a material that will stand the test of time. Many homeowners are willing to invest in quality materials and products because they know that the longer they last, the better their return on investment will be. Thankfully, many cabinet manufacturers now offer durable and beautiful wood finishes that will last for years to come.

Another way to extend the lifespan of your cabinets is by using high-quality wood stains that are designed to protect against moisture and other environmental factors. Fortunately, there are now a wide variety of stain colors to choose from. Whether you’re in the market for a rich espresso or a sophisticated cherry, there’s bound to be a shade that suits your taste and complements your kitchen’s existing design features.

If you’re looking for a timeless and classic cabinet design, Shaker cabinetry may be the perfect fit for your home. This popular cabinet style is characterized by simple lines and minimal ornamentation, making it easy to coordinate with a variety of kitchen designs. Moreover, this versatile cabinet style is often made from quality woods, such as maple or cherry, and can be stained in various shades, from light to dark.